People can associate the history and the status of a living envi-
ronment through a piece of wood furniture. The unique sense of
nostalgia becomes represented by a certain material; a relevant
notion if one refects back in time to 1970’s Sweden.

Axel Kårfors observes that historically, the material of furniture
affected people’s behaviour. In the past, Swedish villas used to
have “heavy-duty” living rooms in the basement where solid
pinewood furniture was used frequently. Upstairs, it was the
“real” living rooms with fner furniture made from more exotic
woods and fabrics. Eventually, the upstairs living rooms lost the
“real” quality as the basement became more popular to spend
time in.
Heavy-duty Recreation Furniture, made entirely
in pinewood, is an exaggerated wood furniture
for the living rooms of our time.

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Exhibition at Rossana Orlandi
: Exhibition at Rossana Orlandi