My role: Level designer and Sound designer
Timespan: 7 weeks
Engine: Unreal 5
False awakenings is a fever dream; You are lying in your bed in your apartment and wake up but find yourself in a dream. You need to find a way back to the bedroom to progress to the next stage of your illness and eventually beat the fever.
The game is a first-person perspective platformer/walking-simulator that explores the experience of being in a dream state where anything can happen.
There are no XP, powerups, or coins to gather in this game, only to survive your imagination. Do you dare to throw yourself into this nightmare and find your way to the other side?
Level Design:
Level design document of the street level. The basic idéa was to force the player to travel around the map in clockwise movement using the earthquakes and the buildings chasing them to the right path.
Level design document of a piece of the corridor level. The idéa was to create confusion and disorient the player. Using the sublevel system in Unreal to spawn in illogical portions of the corridor throws off the player's sense of orientation.
Sound Design:
Moving houses creaking
A stream of apples
A single apple rolling
Giant rolling sound
Music: Looming
Recording step sounds
Recording apples hitting the ground

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